King to minister: Eat Dunedin Hospital 'slops'

King to minister: Eat Dunedin Hospital 'slops'

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman is making a trip down south today to visit Dunedin Hospital and his opposition in Labour has a challenge for him while he's there -- eat the "slops" that patients are complaining about.

"I challenge Mr Coleman when he goes to Dunedin to try one of these tasty meals that are being offered to patients," said Labour's health spokeswoman Annette King.

Dr Coleman, who is on an official visit to the oncology department, did not respond to Newshub questions about the challenge.

A private provider called Compass has taken over the hospital contract, leading to patients posting complaints and photos of the food on Facebook, calling it "frozen gloop".

And Ms King's challenge to the Health Minister -- see if you can stomach it. 

"I didn't know whether it was meat or slops," Ms King says.

"This is the food that is being offered in Dunedin brought down from Auckland, transported down when they've got perfectly good kitchens that could make it themselves.

"This is no way to save money in the health system, to feed patients in hospital slops."