Local councils cautiously welcome freedom camper support

Gary Kircher, Mayor of Waitaki (Facebook)
Gary Kircher, Mayor of Waitaki (Facebook)

Local councils are cautiously welcoming the Government's announcement it'll stump up with cash to cover the cost of freedom campers.

Prime Minister John Key says money will be allocated in the next budget to cover the cost of infrastructure developments such as toilets as popular tourist spots.

The Waitaki region has struggled to deal with freedom campers, and mayor Gary Kircher says any help will be appreciated.

"It's assistance that we have been asking for and districts like ours are definitely in need of some help. I guess the deal is in the detail of course. We'll be waiting to hear how the funding would be allocated and what it can actually be spent on."

Dunedin mayor Dave Cull wants the Government to go a step further, and consider a total ban on freedom camping.