McClay: TPP won't be renegotiated

  • 27/04/2016
McClay: TPP won't be renegotiated

A US official is coming to New Zealand to discuss ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership but there isn't going to be any renegotiation, Trade Minister Todd McClay says.

TPP opponents are claiming the US is going to try to pressure the government into making concessions, particularly over drug patents.

Leading critic Professor Jane Kelsey says they'll use bullying tactics and she's called on the Government to give an assurance it won't change anything in the 12-nation agreement.

Mr McClay gave that assurance today.

"The Prime Minister has been clear and I have been clear -- when we signed the TPP the negotiation was over," he said on the Paul Henry programme.

"The negotiations are finished, it's a good deal and we will look to put it through parliament later this year."

Mr McClay says the US official, due to arrive in the next week or so, will meet MFAT officials.

"All countries have said they'll keep in touch over ratification and the US is sending people out to have a look first hand," he said.

Mr McClay says he believes the US will ratify the agreement before a new president takes office.