NZ First's policy against P-smoking tenants gains support


New Zealand First's call for a "one strike and you're out" policy against state house tenants who smoke or make methamphetamine on the premises is being backed by the Sensible Sentencing Trust.

"This is the beginning of a crisis, it needs to be stopped and we are happy to support NZ First's policy on doped up state house tenants," the trust's Manawatu spokesperson Scott Guthrie said in a statement today.

In the first six months of the financial year, more methamphetamine ('P') contaminated state houses have been found than in the previous four years combined, New Zealand First says.

"Our concern is for the innocent children having to live in those environments," says Mr Guthrie.

"Why should good families come behind the criminals and why should the taxpayer continually be funding these criminals' lifestyles?"

New Zealand First announced its stance against state house tenants who smoke P on Thursday, saying tenants removed from a state house for P contamination should not be back in a state house within 12 months.

"The rule must be one strike and you're out," says New Zealand First spokesperson for Social Policy Darroch Ball.

"Hundreds of state houses have been contaminated by methamphetamine and are sitting empty. It's a national disgrace."