Whyte: Clark better suited to being 'messiah' than Secretary-General

Jamie Whyte (Getty)
Jamie Whyte (Getty)

She has the backing of the man who took her job as Prime Minister, but not every New Zealander wants Helen Clark to lead the United Nations.

Jamie Whyte, former leader of the ACT party, says she would be better off running for the position of "messiah".

"I noticed that in her pitch for the job, she was going to give voice to 7 billion people, which is miraculous, when you think about it," he told Paul Henry this morning.

"If she can do that, I think she should go freelance."

Ms Clark faces tough competition for the Secretary-General position, with many saying it's the turn of someone from eastern Europe.

But Dr Whyte says Ms Clark will probably get the nod despite her "diabolical" performance as head of the UN Development Programme.

"It doesn't matter, because she's a woman and she's from New Zealand."

A woman has never led the UN.

Dr Whyte's own leadership experience saw ACT drop from just over 1 percent of the vote to 0.7 percent. He says Secretary-General of the UN is "a symbolic position of no real value" because it isn't awarded on merit.

He also believes none the UN's achievements since its formation in 1945 "were that noteworthy".