Winston cagey on backing Clark

Winston cagey on backing Clark

When it comes to avoiding questions, Winston Peters is the best in the business.

But when there's a simple question like: "Is Helen Clark the right person to lead the United Nations?", if your answer isn't "yes", there's no credible way to skip the question, change the subject and try move on without sounding like a Helen-hater.

The New Zealand First leader did just that. Here are his answers.

It wasn't a mindless question. The reason I kept asking was because he wasn't answering the question. And when politicians don’t answer questions - especially Mr Peters - you know there's something wrong.

So the question remains -- does Mr Peters think Helen Clark is the right person to lead the UN?

It seemed a simple enough question for his MP and former deputy Barbara Stewart, who answered like this:

"Definitely. Definitely. She's done a good job here in New Zealand and I'd like to see her in that role. She's a good representative for New Zealand."

I asked Ms Stewart if that was the party line.

"I would say so yes."

Confused? So am I.