Controversial carp farm proposal ditched

  • 11/04/2016
Maggie Barry (Simon Wong)
Maggie Barry (Simon Wong)

A company that wanted to establish a controversial fish farm near Lake Taupo has withdrawn its application.

Golden Harvest Aquaculture planned to raise thousands of carp for the Auckland restaurant market in ponds near the edge of the lake.

It ran into trouble with recreational fishers and other groups which said carp were intensely invasive and would threaten other species if they found their way into the lake.

The Green Party said if things "went wrong" the results would be catastrophic.

Conservation Minister Maggie Barry said on Monday the company had withdrawn its application, which had been under consideration but had not been signed off.

"I was clear that the applicant had several outstanding issues it needed to address, including appropriate consultation with the local community, iwi and anglers," she said.

"There's also been considerable public opposition to the proposal and by withdrawing, Golden Harvest has taken note of this."

In January, the Federation of Freshwater Anglers said it was "mind boggling" that the application was even being considered.

"Maggie Barry's got to have rocks in her head to let anything like this near Lake Taupo," said spokesman Alan Simmons.

Silver and grass carp were introduced to control aquatic weed in rivers. They're bred at a hatchery north of Auckland.