Employers urged to hire disabled

  • 31/05/2016
Employers urged to hire disabled

A Government minister is going to tour the country encouraging employers to take on disabled people.

Nicky Wagner says only 45 percent of disabled adults are employed compared with 72 percent of non-disabled adults.

The minister for disability issues is calling it her Hidden Talent Tour.

"It's based on a similar concept developed in the US which showcases the skills and talents of disabled people and encourages business owners and employers to hire and retain disabled people," she said.

"There is a vast array of talented, loyal employees that employers aren't tapping into - it's a missed opportunity."

Ms Wagner says there are plenty of disabled people who want the opportunity to work and have positive attitudes.

"I will be touring the country to encourage employers to take on more disabled people and to dispel some of the myths around employing those with disabilities," she said.

Ms Wagner launched her campaign in Hamilton yesterday.