Government gets thumbs down on housing

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Most voters don't think the Government is doing enough to control the housing market, a Newshub-Reid Research poll has shown.

The poll asked the question, and 76 percent of respondents said not enough was being done.

Among National Party supporters, 61 percent said not enough was being done.

Government gets thumbs down on housing

Prime Minister John Key says the poll shows the Government has more work to do to explain its full housing programme.

"It's very comprehensive," he said.

Mr Key has confirmed there will be "some initiatives" around housing in Thursday's Budget, although Finance Minister Bill English has said the shortage can't be solved by extra Budget funding.

The poll also showed Mr Key's popularity as Prime Minister has dropped to its lowest point since he took office.

Just 36.7 percent of those polled listed the current Prime Minister as their preferred option -- down 1.6 percent from a Newshub poll in November.

National though is steady on 47 percent on the poll -- a rise of 0.3 percent -- and similar to the Election night result.

The preferred Prime Minister poll is not good news for Andrew Little either, he received his lowest ranking since he became leader with just 8.9 percent choosing him as their preferred Prime Minister -- down 1.5 percent.

But coming through the middle and picking up most of those turning away from the leaders of the two biggest parties, Winston Peters -- 12.1 percent want him in the top job -- up 2.8 percent since the last poll.

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