Labour research shows system is unfair - Trade Unions

(Simon Wong)
(Simon Wong)

Labour's urging the Government to do something about the distribution of wealth after research found economic growth isn't being passed on to workers.

At his pre-Budget speech in Wellington on Sunday, Labour leader Andrew Little said since the current Government came into power, just 37 percent of economic growth is heading into pay packets.

John Ryall from the Council of Trade Unions says Labour's research shows the system is unfair.

"We get told all the time that if we're only more productive, then our wages will grow, but in fact what happens is productivity is going up but the wages of ordinary New Zealand workers is not going up at the same extent."

Labour's research shows the average worker is missing out on $50 a week from economic growth. Mr Ryall says that money could go a long way to help low and middle income families.