Opposition parties from left and right condemn Budget

Opposition parties from left and right condemn Budget

The Government has released its Budget today, and reaction from other political parties has been swift.

The Greens condemned the lack of spending on social issues and conservation, with MP Kevin Hague saying health spending was about "making services worse, but not as fast as in previous years".

ACT lashed out at the 'corporate welfare' in the Budget, saying "Bill English needs to 'just say no' to Steven Joyce's corporate welfare addiction."

They were also concerned with tax hikes that would affect lower income people.

Labour MP Grant Robertson was quick to point out the Budget's Band-Aid solutions, which were "a mish mash of sticking plasters on serious housing, health+education problems".

Labour's housing spokesperson Phil Twyford said the Government's solutions to the housing crisis were "falling well short" of those needed.

However, National was optimistic its Budget would work, saying "this Budget looks to the future."