Paula Bennett condemns Facebook shooting threat

Paula Bennett (Photosport)
Paula Bennett (Photosport)

Despite a violent social media post calling for her death, Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett says she doesn't want to have constant police protection while out in public. 

Ms Bennett today revealed someone on her Facebook page said she should be shot dead at her next public outing. 

"When you've got your own kids pointing out things on social media that someone should shoot me at my next public event, it's pretty distressing that your kids are having to read that sort of stuff," says Ms Bennett.

She has reported the post to police. 

The post in question says: "People own guns out there i dare any1 2 shoot the b**** dead at hr next public appearance [sic]."

The person goes on to say they hope the Prime Minister is standing behind her so it's "2 birds 1 bullet". 

Paula Bennett condemns Facebook shooting threat

The minister said that sort of behaviour won't be tolerated. 

"I just think the whole thing is really awful at the moment. I think it's just a small group of people who have got themselves worked up into a place of anger, and now for whatever reason think it's acceptable and appropriate behaviour to do that." 

But she doesn't want to have police following her everywhere she goes.

"I want to remain a good Kiwi woman and be able to go to the supermarket, and take my grandkids to the park like I did this weekend, and I want to be able to live my life for the bit of time that I get as normally as I possibly can, and I hope that doesn't mean increased police presence for ministers."

The post follows an incident last week where it's alleged Chester Borrows ran over the foot of a Trans-Pacific Partnership protester in Whanganui. 

Ms Bennett says at no time did she think anyone was hurt. 

"I was in the car and at no time did I feel uncomfortable about the way he was driving or anything."

Labour leader Andrew Little said the behaviour was "pretty ugly".

"There's no call for that at any time. It is right when people are concerned about what ministers and the Government is doing in their name -- they protest if that's what they want to do -- but there is no place in our political discourse for threats of violence or physical harm."

Also last week, Ms Bennett was abused on her Facebook page after she condemned controversial van hire company Wicked Campers.