Police seize nearly $400M from criminals

  • 25/05/2016
Police Minister Judith Collins (Simon Wong)
Police Minister Judith Collins (Simon Wong)

Police have seized cash and assets from criminals worth nearly $400 million.

And Police Minister Judith Collins says that's just part of the story - it's estimated that the impact on illegal operations of those seizures is over $1 billion.

"The impact is defined as the estimated dollar value available for reinvestment in future crime had police not intervened," she said yesterday.

"This represents a significant dent in criminal activities across New Zealand."

Her latest figures show $391.5M has been seized since the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act came into force in December 2009.

Ms Collins says nearly all of it was linked to drugs and organised crime.

"These activities are a stain on New Zealand communities and these seizures are removing the ability of criminals to profit from crime," she said.