Polls not keeping Key awake at night

John Key
John Key

Despite his popularity dropping to a new low in Tuesday's Newshub-Reid Research poll, John Key says he "slept like a baby" last night.

After almost eight years as Prime Minister he's still the preferred Prime Minister for 36.7 percent of voters, down 1.6 percent. He's dropped 8 percent since the start of 2015.

Labour's Andrew Little -- the fifth leader the party's put up against Mr Key -- is languishing on 8.9 percent, down 1.5. That's less than what previous leaders David Shearer and David Cunliffe were on when they were rolled.

 "To be at the sort of numbers we are eight years in, I think you've got to say is pretty stellar," Mr Key told Paul Henry on Wednesday morning.

With National on 47 percent -- virtually unchanged for years -- Mr Key says his wife Bronagh has stopped even asking about the polls.

But with the Greens, Labour and New Zealand First polling a combined 50.2 percent, Mr Key's not counting his chickens just yet. 

"Under MMP it's the coalition of the unwilling -- it's Labour, the Greens and New Zealand First on a combined basis, it's not Labour."

Winston Peters could be the kingmaker, but despite a history of friction between the two, Mr Key says their relationship isn't as bad as some might think.

"I don't think you'd say it's terrible. We're not going out and drinking together or having dinner together, but I don't think he does with anyone in Parliament."

His preference is to continue with the arrangement he's had the past eight years -- with support from ACT, United Future and the Maori Party.

"We've had that for nine years, and I think over the last eight years in Government we've proven to be a pretty good Government."