Refugee tweet not met with Little's 'kindness'

  • 03/05/2016
Refugee tweet not met with Little's 'kindness'

Labour leader Andrew Little says he wasn't aware of a tweet sent from his official account which said his "kindness quota" was all gone in relation to the plight of refugees.

The tweet was a response to Labour staffer Reed Fleming's tweet this afternoon which said: "That a 'quota' system for providing a safe place to live for fellow humans fleeing war even exists is absurd".

In response, Mr Little's account replied: "soz daily kindness quota all gone. Either lobby the govt for more, or piss off with your compassionate tweets [sic]".

It was deleted shortly afterward, but not before a screenshot was taken.

Refugee tweet not met with Little's 'kindness'

When asked about it, Mr Little had no knowledge it had been sent and wanted to see the screenshot.

"No, it wouldn't have been sent by me or anyone associated with my account."

All of Mr Little's press secretaries have access to Mr Little's Twitter account.

The tweet could be seen as especially embarrassing as it comes shortly after Labour committed to doubling New Zealand's refugee quota following Mr Little's visit to a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.