The Budget: 10 things you need to know

The Budget: 10 things you need to know

Cigarettes will go to $30 a packet. Tobacco prices will increase each year for the next four years, with the tax going up 10 percent on January 1 annually.  

Bill English says councils will be told to link decisions to whether they reduce house prices.

In Auckland, $100 million will be used to free up Crown land so more houses can be built and social housing gets a boost to help at least 750 more families into state homes.

No tax cuts this year, but a forecast surpluses of up to $6.7 billion in the coming years means they’re on the table from next year.

$652 million to help support for vulnerable children, to reduce welfare dependence, for healthy housing initiatives, and to support offenders after leaving prison.

A $761 million package to develop science and innovation, to make more apprenticeships, and for initiatives to grow business in the regions.

Spies and soldiers are getting $599 million, with a $120 million boost for cyber security.

$12 million is being paid to cover the cost of deported offenders coming home.

Police will get an extra $299.2 million primarily to account for pay increases.

Yes -- in case you were wondering these all got money from Bill English.

That’s what Newshub Political Editor Patrick Gower calls this year’s Budget -- boring but cosy and effective to get voters through to the good times.

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