Kama Sutra puts Nick Smith in compromising position

Kama Sutra puts Nick Smith in compromising position

It's probably the last thing you want to hear politicians talking about, but Housing Minister Nick Smith went there this afternoon mentioning sex-position bible The Kama Sutra during a Parliamentary debate.

He was being questioned by Labour's Phil Twyford over the Government's national policy statement on housing, which essentially forces councils to open up land for development.

Dr Smith was asked if he was "embarrassed and humiliated" that the policy statement was all he had offered to solve Auckland's housing crisis.

"Isn't it interesting that he challenges me to break the metropolitan urmit (sic), I bring legislation before the house with special housing areas to do just that, and he delays the legislation in the Parliament," Dr Smith says.

"And then argues against it at every stage through Parliament and that just shows that that member on housing has had every single position on housing that the Kama Sutra could have invented."

The retort would have had more power if Dr Smith hadn't fumbled his way through his words, seemingly so excited for the punch line that he actually called it the "Kooma Seetra".