MFAT leak inquiry report to be released

  • 23/06/2016
Phil Goff
Phil Goff

The ombudsman's report on a controversial half-million-dollar inquiry into the leak of confidential Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade documents is about to be made public.

The documents, including highly sensitive cabinet papers, were leaked to Labour MP Phil Goff back in 2012 amid a row over plans to axe 300 jobs at MFAT.

At the time, Dame Paula Rebstock was called in by State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie to find out who had passed the material to Mr Goff.

Dame Paula's report, released in late 2013, pinpointed the likely leaker, but found no conclusive evidence.

The report also made comments about two senior managers who she said were less than professional about opposing the proposed job cuts and plans to close two European embassies.

The two managers weren't named in the report, but were easily identified as long-serving public servant Nigel Fyfe and former diplomat Derek Leask.

Mr Leask complained to the ombudsman about Dame Paula's investigation, saying serious accusations were made with no factual findings to support them.

The ombudsman agreed to look into it and Ron Paterson's report is expected to be released on Thursday morning.