Paid parental leave Bill facing veto

  • 08/06/2016
Paid parental leave Bill facing veto

Sue Moroney's Bill that increases paid parental leave to 26 weeks hasn't got much longer to live.

It's expected to pass its committee stage in Parliament today and that will trigger a financial veto.

Finance Minister Bill English can do that because if it became law it would cost money that isn't in his Budget.

If the Bill completes its committee stage, he'll present a veto order that will kill it.

It will still go through its final stage, a third reading, in a few weeks but there won't be a vote.

The Bill has got this far on votes of 61-60 because Peter Dunne, usually a government ally, supports it.

The Bill would increase paid parental leave to 26 weeks.

The Government has increased it from 14 weeks to 18 weeks, and hasn't ruled out increasing it further.