Paula Bennett grilled over homeless claims

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett
Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett has admitted the Ministry of Social Development didn't knock on car windows as part of its flying squad for homelessness, despite the Prime Minister saying they did.

The minister says she provided confusing information to John Key but won't apologise. Instead, she turned the heat on Labour in the housing debate, saying they should apologise to foreign buyers with Chinese-sounding surnames.

Ms Bennett was grilled on the flying squads on homelessness by the Opposition, and today the Prime Minister had nothing -- no details, no comment.

In the Budget, emergency housing secured $41 million, including 3000 emergency housing places. Around 800 will be available by July 1.

Emergency housing grants will see the expansion of motel accommodation, which has seen families rack up thousands of dollars in debt.

It's been four weeks since the original story broke on people living in cars, and the Government is still being dragged down by the debate. In another development today, Ms Bennett was forced to roll out emergency housing initiatives earlier than she wanted so they're ready to go at the beginning of next month.