Peters proposes loan write-off scheme

  • 23/05/2016
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters (AAP)
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters (AAP)

Winston Peters is proposing a loan write-off for students who work for five years in regions where there's a labour shortage.

And immigrants would get points if they're prepared to live in the provinces.

The NZ First leader set out these policies in a speech at a public meeting in Gore today.

"We would write off student loans in areas where there are critical regional shortages," he said.

"Graduates spending five years in such a programme would have their student loan written off, and after five years many of them will want to stay in that region."

Mr Peters said his party's immigration policies would bring in people the country needed.

"We will maximise points for those who are prepared to go to the provinces," he said.

"That is uniquely our policy and on this issue every other party is tainted by their record."

Mr Peters told his audience the provinces weren't getting a fair go.

"You might be surprised to learn that Northland is in the top half of the exporting provinces and at the bottom of the income decile," he said.

"You are at the very top of the export earning provinces but none of that is reflected in your income decile either."