West Coast National MP Maureen Pugh 'doesn't need' panadol

Maureen Pugh (Facebook/Maureen Pugh)
Maureen Pugh (Facebook/Maureen Pugh)

National's newest MP Maureen Pugh has explained her unusual position on pharmaceutical drugs which she hasn't used in 30 years.

The West Coast MP's been in the media lately for proclaiming a disbelief in pharmaceutical drugs, and saying the Government should take a "more holistic approach" to how it allocates health funding.

Today she said she believes pharmaceutical drugs work -- she has family members who would be dead without them -- but chooses not to use them herself.

"I don't take medication, things like antibiotics. It's a personal choice I make for myself. But I've also been blessed with very good health my whole life."

Asked what she would do if she got sick and a doctor prescribed something to her, she replied she would have to think about it.

Pushed on whether she used panadol she said: "I just don't need it".

"My challenge is to stay healthy, and not to get to that point in the first place."

She said the last time she went to the GP was to get her truck licence renewed, and before that it was for the birth of her now 30-year-old daughter.

Ms Pugh says she has chiropractic care every three to four months as a "preventative" measure.

However, she says she encourages all parents to immunise their children because it's best practice.

"In a very small number of cases, I'm aware there can be some issues with vaccinations but if parents have any concerns, they should talk to their GP."