Winston Peters cold on Greens-Labour alliance

  • 05/06/2016
New Zealand First Party leader Winston Peters
New Zealand First Party leader Winston Peters

Winston Peters isn't even giving a come-hither look to Labour and the Greens if a three-way marriage is needed to topple National from power at next year's election.

The NZ First leader is disparaging of a memorandum of understanding his fellow opposition parties have signed - aimed at toppling National - and won't yet say if he will team up to share power.

The MOU would expire on election night, he told Q+A today.

"The idea that you would go out there with a pre-arrangement on a deck of cards you've never read, we simply can't see how that works.

"I can't understand why Labour did this because it's from a position of weakness, the only beneficiaries will be the Greens."

The latest polling indicates Labour and the Greens will need NZ First's support to shade National.

But Mr Peters wouldn't say if that was a viable option.

He also wouldn't say whether his party now had a better relationship with the Greens, accusing them of having a manifesto for separatism and a parallel state.