Govt looks for more charter schools

  • 19/07/2016
David Seymour (Simon Wong)
David Seymour (Simon Wong)

More charter schools are on the way, with another application round starting in August for those that will open in 2018.

The Government calls them partnership schools, and so far eight have opened.

It will be the fourth application round, opening while the current round, for schools opening in 2017, is still under way.

"In the latest round we received 26 applications, which easily exceeded the available funding," said ACT leader David Seymour.

"I expect a high number of applications in round four as well."

Charter schools are an ACT initiative and Mr Seymour is responsible for them in his role as Under-Secretary to the Minister of Education.

He says preference will be given to proposals that focus on science, technology, maths and engineering.

Charter schools can be run by church, business or community organisations. The rationale for them is that they can tailor their teaching to suit students who are failing or performing poorly in the state school system.

They can set their own curriculum, within limits, don't have to hire registered teachers, and can set their own term times.