Trump running mate's daughter hit by 'vampire' claims

Pence family dinner photo (Facebook)
Pence family dinner photo (Facebook)

The reputable world of social media is in a right old flurry over a photo that appeared to show the daughter of Donald Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, without a reflection in an adjacent mirror.

The photo, taken when the Pence family was out for dinner at a New York restaurant, shows Mr Pence and his wife with their reflections in the mirror opposite - but the reflection of his 23-year-old daughter Charlotte is nowhere to be seen.

Even the reflection of Ms Pence's ample frizzy hair was not picked up in the photo.

Vampires are famous for not having their reflections seen in mirrors, and many observers are now claiming Ms Pence must be one, although the presence of daylight in the photo appears to cast some doubt over that.