Video: 10 MPs on 100 Years of Labour - in 10 words

Andrew Little (Getty)
Andrew Little (Getty)

The Labour Party turns 100 on Thursday, and as a centenary celebration Newshub asked 10 MPs to say what 100 years of Labour means to them.

There was also a centenary challenge - they were only allowed 10 words to do it in.

#100YearsofLabourin10Words saw a "gangster lean", Shakespearean quotes and a fair bit of suit adjusting and personal preening.

Leader Andrew Little and former leaders Phil Goff, David Shearer got a go. And yes, David Cunliffe is back for a crack too.

The matriarch Annette King gets a go, and so do 'Gracinda' - Grant Roberston and Jacinda Ardern.

The best of the rest were made up of Chris 'Chippy' Hipkins, Phil 'Philly T' Twyford and Kelvin 'Gangster' Davis.

Watch the video.