Goff announces $3m tree-planting mayoral policy

Phil Goff (Getty)
Phil Goff (Getty)

Phil Goff has released a new policy as part of his Auckland mayoral campaign - but it's got nothing to do with housing or transport.

Instead, it's all about shrubbery - the former Labour leader wanting to provide the region with one million extra trees to "increase green cover" and "address environmental concerns".

Mr Goff says the trees will be primarily indigenous species, and says the full rollout of the million trees will cost $1 million annually and take three years.

He says despite many organisations already being involved in planting programmes in Auckland, the council should have a share too.

"Council will work with local boards and encourage them to lead tree planting projects in their communities," he said.

"I want this to be a community-led programme because our local communities know best what the needs are in their areas."

Mr Goff said planting more trees will do wonders for the city's waterways.

"Planting will improve the health of our harbours and rivers by preventing erosion and reducing siltation in the Hauraki Gulf, the Kaipara and Manukau Harbours, and our rivers and streams," he said.

And despite the cost, Mr Goff is convinced the policy is "a win-win for everyone".

"Afforestation will help combat climate change and go some way towards ensuring New Zealand meets its obligations under the Paris Conference on Climate Change," he said.

"Planting more trees will help beautify and purify our city."