High times getting Labour down?

Andrew Little (Simon Wong)
Andrew Little (Simon Wong)

Labour deputy leader Annette King has hit back against media coverage of her party's stance on marijuana use.

Earlier this week, leader Andrew Little told Wellington student radio station Salient FM Labour would hold a referendum on decriminalising marijuana.

But when asked about it by Newshub on Thursday, he asked to see the transcript of what he had told Salient, then said it was "not a priority" and he had "no commitment" to pushing for one.

Speaking to Paul Henry on Friday morning, National MP Paula Bennett said Mr Little was saying one thing to one audience, and something else to another.

"Maybe he was on [marijuana] when he was talking on there because he was all over the place," said Ms Bennett.

Ms King, also appearing on Paul Henry, said it was nothing compared to the "constant backdowns, mistakes and errors our Prime Minister makes".

"We've got a Prime Minister who still can't remember whether he was for or against the Springboks tour, and he leads our country.

"Every week in Parliament... he has to backtrack and make up something else. Don't give me this story that Andrew Little didn't do something right on student radio. It's a storm in a teacup."

She blamed the negative coverage on Labour's improving poll ratings.

"We went up in the polls this week - time to knock Labour down."

Labour did indeed go up in the polls - by 1.4 percent to 32.7. National meanwhile dropped 1.9 percent.

But Ms Bennett's not worried.

"We're within the range of where we have been the past three elections."