I get bugged too, just like the All Blacks - Key

Prime Minister John Key (Getty)
Prime Minister John Key (Getty)

Prime Minister John Key says he's not surprised someone's tried to bug the All Blacks, revealing he's also regularly targeted by secret recording devices.

A device was found in the team's Sydney hotel room a week ago, they revealed on Saturday. Their opponents at the weekend - the Wallabies - have denied putting it there.

Mr Key's not ready to blame the Australians either.

"Those devices are more widespread than you think. They're easy to get hold of," he told Paul Henry on Monday morning.

"Who knows who put it there."

Mr Key says it's not unusual to find bugs he's travelling overseas, and he's sure that some go undetected.

"We take all the precautions we can, but we are sometimes under the expectation that we'd be recorded."

But he's not saying who they suspect is putting them there.

"We don't really go into all of those details."

Asked by Paul if China would be a prime suspect, Mr Key laughs.

"We're not going there."

Sydney police are looking into who bugged the All Blacks. If it was the Wallabies, it didn't help them - the All Blacks thrashed them 42-8.