Labour mocks National MP's lost luggage Bill

  • 11/08/2016
Lost luggage (File)
Lost luggage (File)

Labour is scorning the Government for allowing one of its MPs to draft a Bill that deals with lost luggage.

Nuk Korako's member's Bill was drawn from the ballot on Thursday and will be debated in Parliament.

If it's passed into law, it will give airport authorities discretion as to how they advertise lost luggage before it's sold.

Mr Korako says at present all they can do is advertise in a newspaper that circulates within the airport's district, and there's no requirement for online advertising.

Labour's tourism spokesman, Kris Faafoi, says it's a joke.

"No one in the tourism industry has raised the advertising of lost luggage auctions as a priority," he said.

"Lost luggage shows the Government has lost the plot.

"This makes a mockery of John Key's claim that 'We're a Government that's focused on the issues that matter'."

Mr Key says the whole purpose of the members' Bill system is to have a range of issues raised in Parliament.

"When you're a Government MP putting up a member's Bill it's going to be in a narrow area, otherwise the Government would be doing it itself," he told reporters.

"There's a place for everything through the members' bill process."

Opposition MPs have for years believed Government MPs draft worthless members' bills to clog up the ballot box and reduce the chances of their own bills being drawn.

At the moment there are 76 bills in the box and 24 were drafted by National MPs.