Little: Key's bugging comment 'silly'

  • 23/08/2016
Labour leader Andrew Little (Simon Wong)
Labour leader Andrew Little (Simon Wong)

Prime Minister John Key was just looking for publicity when he talked about being bugged, Labour leader Andrew Little says.

Mr Key on Monday said he'd been bugged a few times himself when he was asked about a listening device having been found in the All Blacks' Sydney hotel.

Mr Little accused him of being loose lipped, and on Tuesday said the Prime Minister had been silly.

"I thought the Prime Minister talking about himself in the context of the All Blacks being bugged looked like a gratuitous attempt to inveigle himself into a story - talking about something he can't give any details or facts about," Mr Little said.

"It was a silly thing to say."

Mr Key says his comment wasn't a revelation.

"I think anybody in my job anywhere around the world would expected to be subjected to those kinds of attempts," he told reporters.

"Go and ask yourself the obvious question - if the All Blacks chose to go and have a room swept because they were concerned about bugs, what do you think a Prime Minister would be thinking?