Opinion: All NZers have the right to be represented

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A group of people feel like they aren't being represented very well in their country so they get together and decide to start a political party, idealising their view of the country.

They stand for election and if the public vote for them, they get the chance to bring those values into Parliament.

This is the origin story of just about every political party to exist on Earth. 

But for some reason there is an issue with the New Zealand People's Party. Why?

I have heard people call up RadioLIVE to say if these immigrants want to have their say, they should go back to where they came from. They should be trying to integrate into New Zealand rather than try to change it to suit them.


They are running for Parliament. Asking that if you agree with them, vote for them, so they can represent you. It costs time, money, requires a massive effort, and unless you are already in with Team Red or Team Blue you start out as the underdog.

Running for public office for the betterment of New Zealand and New Zealanders is the most pro-New Zealand thing anyone could do. 

Winston Peter's has slammed the idea of a race-based party, saying: "No nation's got a chance of progressing if people are going to spend their time accentuating their differences".

Ummm, then why do we have different parties? Oh yeah, because people are different and have different values.

What's the difference in you campaigning on looking out for the best interest of your core supporters (based when they were born) and another party doing the same for their core supporter (based on income, environmental focus, bowtie enthusiast or where they were born)?

They are all appealing to different types of the patchwork that is New Zealand.

Some people have already started to call the New Zealand People's Party the 'Indian Party'. That's as about as inaccurate as calling the other parties: the Old People's Party, the Workers' Party, a Rich People's Party, YAY TREES and the 'Most Ineffective Man In A Bowtie' Party. 

And before any of you start saying, "I'd expect that from a (insert party you hate here) supporter", I have voted for a different party in every election over the years because each election I felt a different party had the best policy at the time.

Immigrants who have come here legally, to make New Zealand their home, are New Zealanders. They have a right to have a voice.

"To be the voice for Multicultural New Zealand", that's from the NZPP's constitution. 

Let's not forget only people who call New Zealand home get to vote or run for office. So we have a party of some New Zealanders, asking some New Zealanders if they want some New Zealanders to represent them.

That's just like every party in New Zealand.

Every New Zealander is allowed to be represented. Any New Zealander can run for office. 

All New Zealanders have the right to vote.

It's called democracy.

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