Opinion: Hysterical crap from the Māori Party

Marama Fox (Simon Wong / Newshub.)
Marama Fox (Simon Wong / Newshub.)

Memo to the Māori Party; grow up, move on, get over it. 

Are you seriously putting historical petty politics ahead of Helen Clark's taxpayer-funded bid for the top job at the UN? 

Yes, you most certainly are. I find it pathetic. 

Clark's bid is NZ's bid. It's backed by the Government and all grown-up political parties - which happens to be all of them, except the Māori Party. 

Their opposition looks like treason, especially given all New Zealand taxpayers are helping pay for this Clark tilt at the job.

Yes, the foreshore and seabed was poorly handled and cut over Maori rights to the court. And yes, the Tuhoe police raids were over the top. 

But hasn't everyone moved on and the appropriate apologies and deals been made? Yes, they have.

What this says to me is that the Māori Party is being small-minded. 

What happened to second chances? What happened to maturity? I have never seen a political party look so silly and so small and narrow-minded. It's total self-interest.

If this is how they feel about their treatment at the hands of Helen Clark and Labour then they can never, ever, enter into a formal coalition with Labour again. 

That's what today tells me.

Co-leader Marama Fox has just signed up to be National's little yelping lapdog forever. A toothless poodle with a mini-bark. And with stuff-all leverage. 

Today is a sad day for NZ Inc on the world stage, and the Māori Party has broken all sorts of unwritten and informal agreements that, no matter what the politics are, we fight together on the international stage. 

Damn it, we aren't big enough to be divided on these issues. 

Shame on them. 

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