Paedophile's neighbour told to hide kids' play area - Mallard

Trevor Mallard (Photosport)
Trevor Mallard (Photosport)

Labour MP Trevor Mallard says Corrections told a young family to put their paddling pool on the other side of their house when a paedophile moved in next door.

The comment came while Mr Mallard was quizzing Corrections Minister Judith Collins on the house given to convicted child sex offender Robert McCorkindale, who has been moved less than 1km from a school in the Lower Hutt suburb of Maungaraki.

The placement is the latest in a string of controversial residences given to convicted paedophiles following their release.

"Does the minister agree with advice given by Corrections to the neighbouring parents of five and six-year old girls, who for years have had a paddling pool on their deck, now overlooked by this paedophile, that they should modify their parenting and have their girls play on the other side of the house?" he asked.

"If that report is accurate, then that would seem to be an inappropriate comment," Ms Collins replied.

Hundreds of Maungaraki residents have signed a petition to get convicted child sex offender McCorkindale moved out of their community.

The 61-year-old paedophile is a recidivist offender who now requires electronic monitoring and 24-hour supervision.

The offender's residence is within a kilometre of a school, but Corrections says it's fine because it's more than a kilometre by road.

Lower Hutt Mayor Ray Wallace met with Corrections on Thursday in the hope of getting the man relocated.