Perpetrators to get accommodation

  • 16/08/2016
Justice Minister Amy Adams (Simon Wong)
Justice Minister Amy Adams (Simon Wong)

The Government is putting $500,000 into short-term emergency housing for domestic violence perpetrators.

Justice Minister Amy Adams says it's to make sure they're kept away from their victims.

"The dedicated emergency housing places will be used when perpetrators are required to stay away from the family home for a short period but have nowhere else to stay," she said on Tuesday.

"A shortage of such accommodation can lead to them returning home, sometimes leading to further family violence incidents."

More than $3 million has also been set aside to help 1000 victims a year stay safe in their homes by installing locks and alarm systems.

"Evidence suggests that removing perpetrators rather than victims from family violence situations can help prevent homelessness for the victims and creates less disruption in their lives," Ms Adams said.

"It’s hoped that through this funding, we can reduce trauma for victims, which are often women and children, and their lives returned to normal more quickly."