Peters lashes out at 'ethnic-based' People's Party

  • 30/08/2016
Winston Peters (Simon Wong / Newshub.)
Winston Peters (Simon Wong / Newshub.)

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is lashing out at a new Indian-led party, saying race-based politics has no place here.

The newly established New Zealand People's Party is looking to take on next year's general election.

The party was recently announced following a spate of crimes against Indian shop owners, but Mr Peters says it's not needed.

"No nation's got a chance of progressing if people are going to spend their time accentuating their differences," he told Newshub.

"To come into a country and then say we're going to start an ethnic-based party is an extraordinary demand to make. We would not make it in any country in Asia."

The acting leader of the new Indian party is Roshan Nauhria, a successful Indian businessman. He says it will have a constitution with a big focus on crime.

He says it's about time Indians and Asians were represented.

"The population of our people is 13 percent. We just feel that we are not fully represented in the Parliament and other aspects of the country."

The party's first election could be in Mt Roskill, if current MP Phil Goff is elected Auckland Mayor.

Mr Nauhria says the party will have "policies which will appeal to everybody" - perhaps except Mr Peters.

"I think everybody knows New Zealand First's views on race-based politics - we're opposed to it, no matter where it comes from."