Push to enrol 250k unregistered Kiwis

Push to enrol 250k unregistered Kiwis

A quarter of a million Kiwis aren't enrolled to vote in this year's local body elections, prompting a push to get them on the roll before it's too late.

Local Government New Zealand's (LGNZ) leading a campaign to get those newly eligible to vote to register for what it says affects all parts of life.

"Local government shapes the place that you live. It's the pavements you walk on, the roads where you drive, the water in your shower, and the parks, libraries and swimming pool where you take the kids," chief executive Malcolm Alexander says.

The drive to up the number of enrolled voters is part of LGNZ's Vote2016 campaign, which aims to lift voter turnout in local elections to more than 50 percent for the first time since the 1980s.

Voters can still register their details even though electoral rolls have closed - they just have to ask for special voting papers.

People can also enrol online, and there are specific enrolment options for Maori, disabled and overseas voters as well as those wanting to be on the unpublished roll.

Voters can enrol, check and update their details on the Electoral Commission website or at any NZ Post store.