Rest home comment irks Winston Peters

  • 23/08/2016
New Zealand First Party leader Winston Peters
New Zealand First Party leader Winston Peters

A suggestion Winston Peters should be in a rest home raised a laugh in Parliament but the NZ First leader didn't seem to be amused.

It happened during question time on Tuesday, when Social Development Minister Paula Bennett was telling opposition MPs she was regularly "at the coalface" meeting vulnerable people.

Mr Peters chipped in with a question: "Since when has the coalface been the local deli?"

Ms Bennett: "It's probably the rest home you should be in."

Mr Peters, 71, responded by asking Ms Bennett whether she remembered once making a similar comment and being challenged to a road race with half a kilometre start - which she didn't take up.

"I don't believe in elder abuse," Ms Bennett replied.

"And I probably don't believe he should be in a rest home."