Whoa there, Key - Clinton doesn't like ponytail-pullers

Hillary Clinton rocks a ponytail in 2012 (Getty)
Hillary Clinton rocks a ponytail in 2012 (Getty)

John Key and Barack Obama are golfing buddies, but how might the Prime Minister get on with the probably next President of the United States?

Well, he might want to keep his ponytail-pulling to a minimum.

Hillary Clinton has appeared on talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where she compared her rival Donald Trump to a child.

"I want to take [the upcoming debates] seriously and talk about what we can do, but you've got to be prepared for, like wacky stuff that comes at you and I am drawing on my experience in elementary school.

"He's the guy who pulls your ponytail."

Last year, it was revealed Mr Key had apologised to a waitress after pulling her ponytail on numerous visits to the Auckland café where she worked.

He called it "light-hearted fun and games" and "horsing around", but gave her two bottles of wine to say sorry.

Mr Trump is trailing Ms Clinton in the polls, and has recently revamped his campaign team to try and make up ground.