Andrew Little photobombs leaders' selfie

A smiling Andrew Little in Montreal (Bill Shorten / Twitter)
A smiling Andrew Little in Montreal (Bill Shorten / Twitter)

Andrew Little's found himself in the middle of some inter-country love, photobombing a selfie with his Australian counterpart and Canada's Prime Minister.

The Labour leader's in Montreal for Global Progress 2016 - which bills itself as a summit which brings together policy-makers from North America, Europe and Australasia to "debate the big challenges of coming decades".

It's a place where leaders from around the world have been rubbing shoulders, networking and even taking the time out for selfies.

A tweet posted by Australia's Labor Party leader Bill Shorten shows him and Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau smiling together.

"This bloke wanted a selfie in Montreal - happy to oblige," he wrote.


The photo also appears to show Mr Little aware that he's in shot with one hand resting on a chair, looking directly at the camera as well.

Mr Little's office says they love the photo.

"At least it's not a three-way handshake," a spokesperson says.