Brash a 'redneck and racist' - Harawira

Hone Harawira says Don Brash is "racist."
Hone Harawira says Don Brash is "racist."

Former National leader Don Brash has been labelled a redneck and a racist by Hone Harawira over his new lobby group.

Hobson's Pledge is a campaign group which aims to pressure politicians into opposing preferential treatment of Māori.

"When Donald Brash talks in glowing terms about Hobson's Pledge and his determination to take away rights guaranteed under the Treaty of Waitangi, it sounds awfully like Donald Trump." Mr Harawira says.

"Well good luck Donald [Brash] every country needs a red neck."

Mr Harawira says a quick scan of "Māori privileges" shows exactly how Māori are getting on.

"Housing, badly. Employment, badly. Health, badly. Education, badly. Prison, badly. Need I carry on?"

Mr Harawira says what Dr Brash is trumpeting is "good old fashioned racism".

When asked if the Hobson's Pledge group is racist or promotes racist ideas, Mr Harawira told Newshub he believes the group is aiming to take away the rights of Māori under the Treaty of Waitangi. 

"Oh absolutely it's racist, how can you call children dying in poverty 'privilege'. What do you call 60 percent of your people being in prison? Privilege?

"Come on, absolutely this is racism and it's time somebody called it out. I'm the man." he says.

When quizzed on Dr Brash's capabilities in politics, Mr Harawira had one response. 

"Let's move on Don, let's move on. Move in to that old people's home let the younger people take control."

Dr Brash told Paul Henry this morning Hobson's Pledge wants to eliminate race from the country's statutes.

"Hobson said as each chief signed the Treaty, we are now one people," Dr Brash said. 

"Article three says all New Zealanders should have the same rights and privileges."

Dr Brash says only New Zealand First fits the bill.

"I disagree with Winston [Peters, NZ First leader] on monetary policy, on the TPPA, a whole range of issues. But on this issue, he's absolutely right."