Campaigners want basic income for kids

Campaigners want basic income for kids

There are calls for the Government to introduce a universal basic income for children.

The idea being proposed at Auckland University today would see $40 paid weekly to the primary caregivers of any Kiwi under 18.

Lowell Manning from Basic Income New Zealand says it would ultimately boost the country's GDP.

"There is a large number of kids who are living in poverty in New Zealand, and we think that a basic income for children would help address that much better than tax cuts or other expenditure the Government is talking about doing."

Mr Manning says the initiative would be similar to the Universal Family Benefit that ended in 1991.

"The benefits from it, you'd expect to see in better education outcomes, reduction in teen crime and a reduction overall in child poverty."

This week is the ninth annual Basic Income Week.

Supporters want to eventually replace the complicated structure of welfare payments with a single universal basic income, paid out to everybody regardless of their income or situation.

Basic Income New Zealand's motto is "turn WINZ into BINZ".