Colin Craig defamation trial jury retires

Colin Craig (file)
Colin Craig (file)

The jury in the Colin Craig defamation trial has retired to consider its verdict, but a decision could still be days away.

The case was brought by Taxpayers' Union founder Jordan Williams over comments Mr Craig made about him in a leaflet distributed to homes across the country last year.

After hearing close to four weeks of arguments, Justice Sarah Katz summed up the case and outlined the various defences available to Mr Craig.

Jurors are now deciding whether Mr Craig's comments are protected by those defences.

Judge Katz also reminded the jury to disregard any media coverage they may have seen or heard during the trial.

This afternoon, the Jury asked the Judge Katz to re-watch an interview of Mr Craig on the Paul Henry Show, where he was grilled over producing the leaflet.

Judge Katz said while there has been lots of media coverage, jurors are the only ones who've sat through all the evidence and are best-placed to decide on the case.