Colin Craig's love poem to Rachel MacGregor

Colin Craig (Getty file)
Colin Craig (Getty file)

More of Colin Craig's alleged private communications to his press secretary have been read out in court, as part of a defamation case against the former Conservative Party leader.

One was a poem titled 'Two of Me':

There is only one of me, it's true

But I wish this were not the case, because I wish I could have you

If instead one man I was two

That would be one for all the other and one of me for you.

Mr Craig's letters and poems were read out in the High Court at Auckland on Wednesday by Taxpayers' Union executive director Jordan Williams.

Mr Williams is suing Mr Craig for defamation over statements the former Conservative Party leader made about him in a leaflet and during a press conference last year, and is using the letters to prove he did not fabricate the details of Mr Craig's alleged sexual harrassment of Ms MacGregor.

Referring to the poem, Mr Williams said he believed "Mr Craig was effectively telling Rachel that he wished there to be two of him so that he could form a relationship with her. I don't see how it could be interpreted in any other way."

Colin Craig's love poem to Rachel MacGregor

Rachel MacGregor (Supplied)

Former Conservative Party candidate Christine Rankin has given evidence in court.

She says Mr Craig told her Rachel MacGregor had a mental illness, something he and his wife were helping her work through.

Ms Rankin then went on to meet with Mr Williams, who'd showed her the communications purporting to be from Mr Craig to Ms MacGregor.

After reading the messages, Ms Rankin went on to confront Mr Craig last year. However Mr Craig told her it was Ms MacGregor who had made the indecent proposal. He also went on to tell Ms Rankin about how he chose his wife over the press secretary and that he was proud of that decision.

He did admit to her he'd been over the top and sometimes using "flowery language" with co-workers.

Ms Rankin told the court, she told him: "what he'd admitted to me was stupid and dangerous when publicly he'd put himself at the right hand of God".

During the 2015 press conference at the centre of the defamation claim, Mr Craig named Mr Williams as being involved in a co-ordinated attack to bring him down.

During this same press conference, Mr Craig also disputed sending sexually explicit texts or paying Ms MacGregor hush money.

Ms MacGregor took a sexual harassment case against Mr Craig to the Human Rights Commission in 2014 and resigned in September of that year, just before the general election.

Mr Craig resigned as Conservative Party leader in June 2015 and at that time said he had a "positive and constructive" working relationship with Ms MacGregor, but admitted "some of our misconduct was inappropriate".

He denied sexually harassing anyone.

In court on Tuesday Mr Williams revealed explicit text messages allegedly sent by Mr Craig to Ms MacGregor.

One of them read: "I slept well because I dreamt of being between your naked legs."

Both Colin Craig's wife Helen Craig and Ms MacGregor are expected to give evidence at the trial, which could last up to five weeks.


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