Crime figures add weight to need for more cops: Peters


New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is putting the hard word on the Government over the latest crime stats, saying they add weight to his party's demands for extra frontline police.

New Zealand burglary rate increases 12 percent

Figures show burglaries have jumped by more than 13 percent, while victimisations have increased by 4.6 percent.

Mr Peters says that proves why the country needs 1800 more frontline police.

"They're nabbing or tagging and letting them [criminals] go with a warning, falsifying the number of people who would be on the stats. But burglaries can't be disguised that way because you've got victims."

On Monday, Police Minister Judith Collins announced a new policy which which means all break-ins will be attended by an officer.

"The new policy sets the expectation of full attendance at dwelling burglaries so the public can now expect either a constabulary or scene of crime officer to attend within a reasonable time," she said.

But Mr Peters doesn't think National or Labour will follow through on their promises of more police.

Police raise priority of burglaries as rate rises