Drones will ease traffic congestion - Bridges

Transport Minister Simon Bridges (Newshub. / file)
Transport Minister Simon Bridges (Newshub. / file)

A solution to traffic congestion in Auckland and other main centres has been mooted by Transport Minister Simon Bridges: drones.

He believes unmanned flying vehicles will soon be used to deliver goods around cities, meaning fewer vehicles on the roads.

"Every time we have a courier in the future that is taking something by drone for example, that's one less car or light truck on the road," he says.

"It's about enabling a whole range of technologies in transport where there's a lot of disruption happening. That can be for the better of Aucklanders and New Zealanders in terms of congestion or just getting around, like drones or UAVs."

It comes two weeks after Mr Bridges ate a piece of the first ever pizza delivered by drone in New Zealand as part of a trial by takeaway giant Dominos.

"Technology has the ability to do a whole range of things for the better in terms of transportation in Auckland and in New Zealand," says Mr Bridges.

The idea is part of a 30-year transport plan for Auckland that'll be unveiled by Mr Bridges and Auckland Council tomorrow.