Dunedin supermarkets fight changing alcohol rules

Dunedin supermarkets fight changing alcohol rules

Dunedin's mayor is frustrated with an appeal lodged by a group of supermarket giants to block the city's alcohol policy.

The policy was signed off in June of last year, which included supermarkets and off-licence retailers reducing their opening hours, but Foodstuffs and Progressive Enterprises aren't happy.

Dave Cull says the council is trying to curb alcohol-related harm in the city.

"These supermarkets have a record of throwing their weight around, and demanding that they have the say about what hours they're allowed to sell certain things, rather than the communities in which they operate."

The new rules included a 2:30am one-way door policy for bars and a 9pm restriction for the sale of liquor in supermarkets.

Dunedin City Council is gearing up for a legal battle.

Mr Cull is slamming the move, saying the retailers aren't taking the wellbeing of the community into consideration.

"We all have a responsibility, and certainly the people who sell alcohol have a heightened responsibility, given its consequences."

The retailers believe the trading restrictions will impact Dunedin's nightlife.

Mr Cull says with a high student population, reducing alcohol-related harm is an important issue for the city.