Half of NZ homeless in work or studying

  • 24/08/2016
Half of NZ homeless in work or studying

New research showing more than half of the homeless people in New Zealand are working or studying shows how bad the housing crisis has become, the Greens say.

Social housing spokeswoman Marama Davidson is citing University of Otago's Severe Housing Deprivation report that's just been released.

"It's shameful that in New Zealand even having a job no longer means you can be assured of being able to put a roof over your family's heads," Ms Davidson said.

She says the report also shows young people and young families with small children are more likely to be denied rental accommodation.

Labour's housing spokesman, Phil Twyford, says the research reveals "one of the most shocking aspects" of the housing crisis.

"Social service agencies report many homeless people turning up looking for shelter are wage-earners," he said.

"Now this has been confirmed by the latest analysis which has found that 52 percent of all homeless adults are in employment or studying."

Mr Twyford says that shows "something is completely out of whack".