Key, Little confident about their health

Prime Minister John Key (Getty)
Prime Minister John Key (Getty)

John Key has revealed doctors ran an annual full-scale health check on him last week and says the results show he is in "perfect nick".

Mr Key, 55, said he went through a "full bank" of tests including an assessment of his heart - and was given an all-clear.

"Totally. They run everything as you would expect. Perfect nick," the Prime Minister said.

"Every year they run a full bank of tests on me. They probably do a bit more than what would necessarily be the case for my age. But I just take the view that it is good to be cautious about these things. They've run everything on me from looking fully at my heart to making sure I pass every other test.​"

Mr Key makes an effort to keep fit, regularly working out ​in Parliament's gym.

He was responding to questions about the health of US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who fainted this week because of pneumonia.

Mr Key has also fainted before, just before a trip to Antarctica in 2013.

"In my case it was out of the blue - they had a series of tests because I was going to Antarctica and I got through those with flying colours. After I fainted they ran the tests all again and it didn't show up and it's never happened again. I don't know, maybe [fainting] is just the rough and tumble of the job." Labour leader Andrew Little said he did not have a specific health test, but has had his PSA levels regularly checked after having prostate cancer six years ago.

Mr Little said he was a "picture of health".