Key offers Turnbull tips to a run minority Govt

  • 04/07/2016
Key offers Turnbull tips to a run minority Govt

John Key has offered Malcolm Turnbull some tips on running a minority government.

The Australian election result is in the balance and a minority government appears to be the likely outcome.

The Prime Minister says he talked to his Australian counterpart a couple of times on Sunday.

"I just had a discussion with him, I know him pretty well," Mr Key said at his post-Cabinet press conference on Monday.

"I offered him support if he wanted that in terms of how we have structured things in New Zealand - one of the things about MMP is that it's a system designed for minority governments."

Mr Key says because New Zealand has never had a majority government under MMP political leaders have become accustomed to running minority administrations.

"My basic message was that we have very effectively worked minority governments ... so it's quite possible in the end - you get on and do it."

Mr Key says he doesn't know anything about the Australian election that isn't in the public domain.

"There's one-and-a-half million votes to be counted, there's a number of seats in play, and they won't have a better idea of that until maybe later in the week."